6 Ways to Avoid the Notorious Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Among the most common lawsuits today is the personal injury lawsuit. Carelessness in this regard may lead to serious legal consequences and this is why Drake Properties suggest inspecting properties twice a year.


1.  Vigilance

Our rule of thumb is that the property should be inspected twice a year. This can be done by scheduling an appointment with the current tenant to do a full exterior and interior physical inspection of the property looking at the following areas:


  1. Surveying the Landscape

It is crucial to survey the landscape for uneven surfaces including holes and plants dug up by animals, dead and potentially dangerous branches, standing water, poisonous plants, and hazardous insects like bees and wasps. In addition, look for cracks in the pavement, and defects in walkways—a difference of a just a quarter inch is enough to cause someone to stub a toe and fall. If we spot any hazardous areas, it is best to drape yellow tape around the area, spray paint areas of uneven walkway with yellow paint, and post warning signs until it is fixed.


  1. Stairs and Railings

Check all stair banister posts and spindles for secureness and spacing. If any are loose it is best to install plastic webbing between spaces where small children would be tempted to put their head and potentially get stuck until they can be repaired.


  1. Play equipment

In order to keep children safe, it is best to remove play equipment such as swings and jungle gyms that you own from the property.


  1. Pools

To safeguard the pool area, install a safety gate around the pool. If this is not a visible option, at minimum have alarms placed on all doors leading from the house to the backyard. Ensure the pool deck is a non-slip surface. It is best to post a “No Diving” sign. Be sure to secure drain covers so that they are flush with the deck. Finally, check pool lights once a year to avoid a potential electric shock.


  1. Garage doors

Finally, be sure the garage door sensors are installed properly and in working order.