Cleanliness Matters

Our Cleaning Policy for Owners and Tenants

Frequently, tenants ask us about the cleanliness of the houses we manage prior to move-in. This is completely understandable, so we’re answering some of those questions.

Prior to showing and leasing the property, Drake Properties requires that homeowners perform a “deep cleaning” of the home or apartment. Rather than requiring that the homeowner prepare the home by hand, we require a professional company come in and do the heavy lifting. This way, the home is especially sanitary and appealing for the new tenants.

We’ve been asked about the traffic coming through during showing and dirtying the property after the initial deep clean. Our answer is that a secondary “touch up” cleaning may be required. Touch ups are also required when the home is undergoing maintenance or repairs between showings. Before we can show the home to any prospective tenants, we require that all traces of maintenance be removed. This includes crew, parts, debris, personal items, etc. This protocol ensures that we help our clients fill their vacancies in as little time as possible.

We Strive to Limit the Homeowners’ Expenses

We always strive, of course, to limit the homeowners’ expenses and to hold the tenants accountable for cleaning within the legal limits and the lease agreement. However, any additional expenses paid by the homeowner for cleaning are considered tax deductible.

Once the home has been rented in a clean and acceptable state, we expect the tenants – not the owner – to maintain this condition upon its return. When we receive the tenant’s move out notice, we direct them to our cleaning checklist so they are always aware of the conditions we expect the home to be in. In the event that the home does not meet the expectations, the tenant will be charged for the additional cleaning fee and deduction will be taken from their security deposit.

In order to ensure a great rental experience for both the tenant and the homeowner, we hold high expectations for everyone involved. We ask only of our clients what we expect of ourselves. Feel free to contact Drake Properties with any further cleanliness questions at (951) 373-2500.