What Every Landlord Should Know When Renting a Pool Home

When renting out a home with a swimming pool, there are two important factors to consider.

#1) Liability – Depending on the circumstances, you may be liable for an injury sustained in or around the pool. One way to minimize your liability is to ensure your insurance covers such incidences. In addition, you can check with your renter to be sure that their insurance has a policy in place to cover the pool. Generally speaking, this coverage applies only to tenant liability, but a little extra coverage never hurts. Drake Properties requires that renters purchase renter’s insurance.

#2) Maintenance – Is another important factor to consider. When renting out a house with a pool, the question arises, “Who is responsible for maintaining and cleaning the pool?” It is common for landlords to hire someone to take care of the pool maintenance on a weekly basis or to include the cost of pool maintenance in the rent. It is not recommended, though it does happen, to ask that the renter covers the bill, because the renter may neglect to take care of it. It is also not recommended that the owner of the property maintain the pool. If you take it upon yourself to maintain the pool, you must be careful not to interfere with their privacy. Additionally, seeing the landlord around the property frequently may result in the tenant approaching you about other repairs and concerns—issues that the property management company would be happy to solve on your behalf rather than creating stress for the landlord. Check with your accountant, pool maintenance as with most monthly expenses pertaining to your rental should be fully tax deductible.

Here at Drake Properties, we have relationships with many noteworthy pool vendors who service our rental properties, and we would be happy to make accommodations to maintain the pool for you.

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