Getting Your Property Rent Ready

Preparing your property to rent is probably the most important thing you can do as a landlord. Before you put your property on the market, there are certain things that should be done before a single tenant sees the inside of the home. This is called having your property rent ready. Here at Drake Properties, we see owners try and rush to put their property on the market without having it ready to be viewed by prospective tenants, which only ends up hurting them in the end. Here’s our Rent Ready Checklist:


It is important to do a thorough walk-thru and inspection of the property to be sure everything is in working order. Check everything from faulty outlets to closet doors that won’t slide properly. This will save you from headaches after the tenant has moved in.


Paint can go a long way to making a home fresh and clean, even if you only need to touch-up a few walls that have scuff marks. Before painting, be sure to patch any holes in the walls. A flat paint can help to hide touch up paint at a later date.


It’s best to have the property treated for pests on a one-time basis by a professional. Have the technician remove any webs and wasp’s nets, and check for bee hives. They can also set traps for mice or rodents.

Service HVAC

It is best to have your unit serviced twice a year. This can help to eliminate costly problems down the road that could cost you more in an emergency. Be sure the technician changes the filters, too.

Carpet Cleaning

This is not something you should do yourself. Don’t rent a machine—instead, hire a professional to come out and clean all carpeted rooms. If the carpets don’t come clean and look almost new, you may have to consider replacing it.

Window Cleaning

Hire a professional to clean the windows. They will remove the screens and clean those, too. They will also clean inside the tracks. Clean windows make a home shiny and bright.

Replace Screens

If any of the window screens are missing, they need to be replaced. This goes for patio screen doors, too.


Replace any burnt out lights. Check the stove, microwave, hood fan over the cook-top, fluorescent lights, and porch lights.

Professionally Cleaned

Tenants like a clean home, so it’s very important to have the home professionally cleaned after all the repairs have been done.


Curb appeal is very important. Even if you don’t plan to offer the tenant a gardening service, be sure the yards are being cared for while vacant. It’s best to clean all planters and have the trees trimmed as well.


It is very important for the safety of your future tenant that the locks all be re-keyed from the prior tenant and workmen who have had access while the property was vacant. You don’t want to be faced with a lawsuit later down the road.

If you don’t know where to start to get your property rent ready, give us a call. Managing properties is what we do.