How Long Does it Take to Find a Renter

Potential clients frequently ask us, “How long does it take to find a renter?” There are factors that play into finding a renter including the time of year that the rental goes on the market, but our rule of thumb is that it usually takes about a week or two weeks to find a qualified tenant.

Of course, this depends on how “rent ready” the house is. New paint, flooring, and window coverings go a long way to increase the appeal of a rental home. When tenants compare your home to others they’ve looked at, they will remember the warm, inviting feeling they got when they walked inside. Putting in a little extra effort to make the home more attractive really goes a long way and can really help to communicate to potential tenants that this will be a very enjoyable transaction.

High quality photos also go a long way. A clean home free of clutter is the first step. You don’t want clients to see pictures of someone’s lunch carelessly left on the counter or empty soda cans cluttering the home—you want to present the home in its best light. Here at Drake Properties, we use a high definition camera and edit the pictures so they will look best in online advertising.

While we can’t give an exact timeline as to how long it will take to find the right renter for you, doing your part to make the home more attractive really does help to shorten that time as much as possible. Keep in mind, of course, we don’t throw just any client into your home—we take the time to find the best client for you.

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