How Much Coverage Does Renter’s Insurance Offer?

So, how much protection does renter’s insurance really offer? In the events that some type of incident occurs which could potentially cause the landlord or the renter to pay a large amount of money to have fixed, renter’s insurance offers protection to both parties.


Some common incidents covered by renter’s insurance include:


-Fire damage

-Smoke damage

-Windstorm damage

-Burglary, theft, and vandalism

-Lightning damage

-Falling objects

-Indoor flood damage


Is Renter’s Insurance Really Necessary?

After looking over this list, you may think to yourself, “Well I will probably never have to deal with any of those things,” but take it from us: the renters who are covered are always glad to have insurance when the scenario they thought least likely to arise had actually happened to them. By that same token, landlords take great comfort in knowing their property is covered from any catastrophe. This is why we at Drake Properties require all renters to purchase insurance when or before they move in.

Requiring our tenants to purchase renter’s insurance is one more reason to place your trust in us with handling all of your property management needs. In the event that an unforeseen accident or incident takes place in your property and you want to know whether your tenant’s insurance covers it, give us a call at (951) 373-2500 and we will find out for you.