Methods to Save Water and Money on Your Rental

6 Effective Methods to Save Water and Money on Your Rentals


First of all, you might be wondering why Drake Properties is writing an article about how to save on water for your rental property when the tenant is the one who is paying the utility bills.  That’s a good question.  The reason this is important to you as a landlord, besides the obvious, that we should all be concerned about saving water during this historic drought in California, is because it can have a significant effect on the rental income you receive from your property.  You see, once your property is rented and your tenant realizes that the utility costs with this property are sky high, they’ll be much less likely to want to renew their lease, and you in turn, will probably not be able to increase the rent.  In short, you won’t be able get as much rent for your property as you would if it were energy efficient.  In order to conserve water and reduce costs to you as a landlord, follow these 6 effortless tricks:


  1. Leaks

Ensure that nothing leaks. You may be surprised to learn that a sink that drips just 1 drop of water every 2 seconds actually wastes about 22 gallons of water every week. These repairs are easily taken care of with just a few common tools and some Teflon tape. Even if for no other reason, you should inspect the property seasonally to be sure there are no new leaks.

  1. Toilets

Efficient Toilets and/or Fill Toilet Tanks make a big difference. There are two options here: invest a few hundred dollars in efficient toilets and save money in the long run, or fill up a 2-liter bottle with gravel and place it in the existing toilet’s tank (cost of about a dollar). However, the cheaper method of restricting water flow on a toilet that’s not made for a reduced flow may result in more clogs.

  1. Sinks

New aerators in all sinks is a must. Old, worn-down, or missing aerators can waste up to 2.2 gallons of water after 1 minute of sink usage. With bathroom sinks, aerators that allow as little as 0.5 gallons per minute are available. With kitchen sinks, avoid restricting the sink to less than a gallon per minute in order to avoid hindering the tenants’ ability to wash dishes.

  1. Showers

It is important to install low flow showerheads. With a low-flow showerhead, you can reduce water consumption by up to 40% before sacrificing water pressure. The best part is these showerheads are easily installed in under 15 minutes and very inexpensive.

  1. Landscape Watering

Restrict water usage with a timer. You be the judge of how much water your plants need by installing a simple, above-ground sprinkler on a timer. Ask your landscaper to check for heads that over-spray or are broken.

  1. Low-Moisture Plants

On a related note, removing plants that require a lot of water and replacing them with low-moisture plants is a good way to save a lot of money in the long-run.