Tenant Trouble: 5 Simple Keys for Resolving Renter Disputes

Maintaining positive relationships with a home’s tenants serves an essential purpose for landlords. Satisfied customers are much more likely to pay their rent on time, keep the home well maintained, and follow the stipulations set out in their lease. As an added benefit, a happy client often signs a lease renewal, which cuts down on management costs. In an ideal world, every tenant would prove cooperative and respectful, but problems inevitably crop up from time to time. If you’ve encountered a particularly problematic tenant, use these simple keys to resolve any renter disputes before resorting to more drastic measures.

Meet Your Tenants Face to Face

While it may feel tempting to bombard uncooperative tenants with a barrage of emails and phone calls, many disputes are better settled directly. If a problem occurs in your rental, ask to schedule a meeting with the tenant. Choose a neutral meeting location and remember to keep your wits about you. Even if you feel angry or frustrated, you need to present a calm demeanor and demonstrate your willingness to find an amiable solution to the problem.

Call on the Lease Agreement

Tenants occasionally make requests that go beyond the landlord’s responsibilities, in which case you’ll need to make your case clear. If a tenant is in clear violation of his or her lease, point out the terms of the agreement politely and firmly. The mere idea of breaking a lease is often enough to steer tenants in the right direction, but beware of tossing empty threats at your tenants, lest you lose credibility in their eyes.

Document Everything Clearly

With a bit of luck, you should be able to work out a mutually beneficial agreement with your tenant. If things turn sour, however, you want to ensure you clearly document your interactions with the renter. As a property manager in Temecula, you need to protect yourself against legal action and financial damages. Documenting every step of your conflict serves as potential evidence for a legal battle.

Know Your Legal Responsibilities

Californian landlords are subject to a number of responsibilities, including a principle known as the legal warranty of habitability. In order to comply with these requirements, you’ll need to swiftly handle important repairs and take care of issues like pests. You’re also bound by certain privacy rules you should never violate. Make certain you’re acting within your legal rights whenever dealing with clients, or you could find yourself facing serious consequences.

Call on the Professionals

Handling a tenant dispute on your own is almost always preferable to legal action, but some problems simply cannot be fixed otherwise. For this reason, you want to ensure you create a foolproof lease for every new tenant you secure. As attorney fees and court costs can quickly add up, you may also wish to consider using a professional mediator or arbitrator as an alternative for resolving disputes—many of these professionals are quite adept at solving landlord-tenant disputes in California.

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